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4 Reasons Property Managers Should Hire Reservation Specialists

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At Reservation Specialists, our goal is to help you market your brand while providing exceptional communication with guests. The guest experience is smoother from inquiry to repeat visit! Depending on your style as a manager, we can take care of all the last-minute communication details, reservation changes, cancellations, review responses, late-night calls, you name it. Now, you are more focused on the bigger picture and growth of your vacation rental company. Here are 4 reasons property managers should hire reservation specialists:

Generational Marketing

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Written By:  Alissa Isenhath, Vacation Rental Content/Copywriter

What is generational marketing? It’s just a fancy term for being aware of the buying habits of your guests and potential guests and creating your marketing pieces accordingly.

With the current situation, it’s more important than ever that you speak each generation’s language. We get that knowing what to say to whom is always a challenge, but we just don’t have much margin for error anymore.

To help you with finding the right voice to speak to your various demographic groups, we’ve created this generational marketing guide for you.

Negative Review? No Problem!

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It’s a moment every VR manager dreads. You open up your Facebook page, or other social media page, and there it is. A 1-star negative review from a very disgruntled guest.

So now what do you do?

First, I’m going to suggest how to address a negative after it’s posted.

More importantly, then we’ll discuss how to stop it from happening to begin with.

Why We Should All #BookDirect

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A Brief History of #BookDirect

If you’re a vacation rental manager, you’ve heard of Book Direct. It started as a VRM-led grass-roots campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of making reservations directly with a vacation rental firm. It had been steadily gaining momentum prior to Covid-19, and now seems to be getting even more popular.

Way back when, the vacation rental industry was, pardon the pun, a cottage industry. It was created by passionate area entrepreneurs, who just knew that guests would enjoy having a more personalized experience and home-like accommodations. And they were right.