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The job of a property manager in the vacation rental industry is enormous. One person can’t do it all! Here are just some of the responsibilities:

  • Maintain the properties
  • Communicate with owners and guests through various means and platforms
  • Market the company in an attempt to get more owners
  • Create the listings and maintain them with current information
  • Review Guests/Thank guests/Inform the Owners of great reviews
  • Navigate PMS/OTAs as that are ever-changing and updating and sometimes integrating?
  • Staying current on Local/National tax laws
  • Maintaining support vendors (ie: cleaners, maintenance personnel, plowing, etc.)

On…and on….and on…we never sleep!!

Reservation Specialists, LLC can take a large part of your stress away. We take that burden away from you! We are a virtual support-staff for your growing Vacation Rental Business.

Our team is exceptional at navigating the ever-changing vacation rental software platforms and online travel agencies (OTA’s). We consult and act as a behind-the-scenes administrator employing best practices for advertising listings through attractive listing descriptions/captions. We take care of all the inquiries and listing maintenance. We can help onboard properties, as we are familiar with the various property management software platforms. 

Reservation specialists are adept at helping to create wonderful guest experiences from first inquiry to repeat visits for all of the markets they represent. Highly personalized communication integrates sharing the vacation rental experience as opposed to just explaining the property. Our team has increased occupancy and growth by an average of 30% in all the markets with which we work. We have a large list of happy PM’s who consider us a team member in their company. 

What can we do for you? ..Let’s break it down…

Administrative Work:

  • Onboard new listings/add captions to photography/suggest a listing description
  • Maintain the listings and audit them to make sure they are current
  • Create/maintain a spreadsheet of guest information to support PM
  • Any project-based job that can be delegated to our highly-trained communications department

Reservations Handling:

  • Respond to all inquiries (on your PMS and all OTA’s) in a timely/professional manner
  • Develop/Enhance existing communication templates while incorporating your company brand
  • Maintain notes of all communications
  • Suggest ways to increase your bottom line through reservations

Reviews Maintenance:

  • Solicit reviews from your guests
  • Review your guests on the various OTA’s
  • Respond to reviews on all platforms
  • Maintaining a record of all returning/reviewing guests

Reservation Specialists, LLC is your solution for making sure your To-Do List gets done, and done well! 

Meet the Team

Learn more about the minds behind Reservation Specialists.

A pioneer in the Vacation Rental Industry, Elizabeth Donn is an experienced educator, communicator, and business developer. Driven by her vacation wanderlust, she takes pride in providing the best reservation experience possible for her clients’ guests. Her goals include providing clear and thoughtful communication processes, listing development and enhancement, and guest reviews obtainment for property managers of vacation rentals. In addition, to her primary job functions, she has been recognized by many property managers throughout North America for her extraordinary commitment to their business growth. 

Elizabeth’s passion for simplifying and organizing communication with vacationing guests can be traced back to her teaching days instructing writing and language with elementary students. She excels in creating clear/concise language for guests visiting vacation rentals, navigating the many travel sites with their various policies, and aiding in operations flow. Your Property Management Company is branded throughout the process. 

Elizabeth has worked in the Vacation Rental Travel Industry since 2013, gaining experience navigating the many ever-changing vacation rental software platforms, online travel agencies, best practices for advertising listings through robust photography and attractive listing descriptions/captions. Elizabeth is adept at helping to create wonderful guest experiences from first inquiry to repeat visits for all of her markets. She personalizes her communications (bilingual in English and Spanish) and loves to share the vacation rental experience as opposed to just explaining the property.  As a seasoned reservationist and operations coordinator, she is also involved in VRMA (Vacation Rental Management Association), is a licensed Realtor in South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, and soon, Florida.  She participates in many groups/associations throughout the Vacation Rental industry. Beyond her computer, phone and business, Elizabeth enjoys traveling, reading on the beach, attending concerts and festivals, and regular HIIT exercise at her gym.

A seasoned professional in the Vacation Rental Industry, Jennifer Casella is an experienced reservation specialist with a solid history of meeting the ever-changing needs of both property managers and their demanding clientele. She combines a keen eye for an opportunity with a passion to provide great customer service, which has proven to consistently generate new business as well as maintain and upgrade existing relationships. In the always competitive market of reservations, she has a resume that is full of both new and repeat bookings.

Through thoughtful and timely communication processes, Jennifer incorporates a personal touch with a genuine attitude of interest and care in each interaction. Applying these traits, she regularly uses her abilities to satisfy and exceed the demanding needs of property managers and vacationers alike.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys the outdoors and the Florida sunshine. A native to South Florida, she has a passion for nature and animals. She currently resides in Palm Beach County and travels whenever she can find the time.