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4 Reasons Property Managers Should Hire Reservation Specialists

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At Reservation Specialists, our goal is to help you market your brand while providing exceptional communication with guests. The guest experience is smoother from inquiry to repeat visit! Depending on your style as a manager, we can take care of all the last-minute communication details, reservation changes, cancellations, review responses, late-night calls, you name it. Now, you are more focused on the bigger picture and growth of your vacation rental company. Here are 4 reasons property managers should hire reservation specialists:

1. Help Increase Your Bottom Line

When we work with your team, we will provide services that are guaranteed to increase your bottom line. With our Reservation Management service, we will help you with everything from building/editing your property listings/photos, being a communications liaison, to cleaning and operations management to facilitate check-in/out. With our Increased Occupancy service, we will consult with guests regarding any questions or concerns they may have. By always answering them in a timely fashion, we increase guest confidence to choose your rental, thus maximizing owner income and occupancy. Our Increase Reviews service integrates a robust review program that assists in increasing your guest reviews, guest confidence, and repeat visitors year after year.

2. Alleviate Stress

stress freeAt Reservation Specialists, we want to help you increase and maintain your properties! We are ready to deal with all the details so you can focus on your property as a whole. We work as your virtual support staff to take away all the unnecessary stresses of your vacation rental business. We will help navigate vacation rental software platforms, as well as online travel agencies, and work as an administrator to employ the best practices for advertising your listings. We know the latest changes and updates to the online agencies. We can help create an all-around wonderful guest experience that brings them back year after year. Our highly personalized communication strategies help increase occupancy and growth by an average of 30% and will leave you with less stress and more guests!

3. Assist in All Aspects of Marketing

From administrative work to reservation handling and review maintenance, we have a hand in every aspect of your marketing plan. Our staff can handle every task from onboarding new listings to communicating with all your guests. We will respond to all inquiries in a timely manner and be constantly working on ways to enhance and develop communication templates that work with your brand. We will be the ones soliciting reviews from guests and monitoring and responding to reviews on all platforms by highlighting your brand and professional style. We are here to make sure your entire to-do list gets done in a timely and efficient manner.

4. Work with You from Anywhere Virtually

businesswoman on laptopAt Reservation Specialists, we have clients all over the country, and we can assist your vacation rentals virtually. We assist management teams in Florida, Wisconsin, California, and Colorado, currently. Whether you provide guests with a tropical getaway or a snowy adventure, we realize that we paint the imagined picture of their future vacation. We are in the business of memory-making! Our staff’s vast experience and knowledge about the vacation reservation and rental industry will help you take your business to the next level. Planning a vacation has to be fun too, so we try to sell experiences, not just answer inquiries. We are your virtual admin team joining your feet-on-the-ground team.

Ready to grow? Ready to hire a seasoned/confident team? We are here to help! Contact us today and let us help you grow your business and bottom line. We look forward to working with you!